8 Oct 2014
Have you ever thought about getting a(n) ice/fire staff?

”..I actually have one of each. Why do you ask?”

8 Oct 2014

"Jeeze how long was I gone?..I need something to eat."

9 Sep 2014

Hey guys I’m over here and thestarvingmadman for the time being please PLEASE send them some asks I’d like to develop these characters too))

6 Sep 2014

Wow I didn’t come back to this blog as strongly as I thought I would))

I guess I have to put it on a semi hiatus again))

If you want to interact I’ll be on:

thestarvingmadman thelostandbereaved and for4damndollers

23 Aug 2014
Wolfie; She looked at Wilson. "Well, that's...Different...Didn't see my day going this way, and what are you?"

"Eh, you’ll get used to it." he sighed.

Wilson quirked a bow.

”..I’m a human being..?”

23 Aug 2014

"Hm? Yes Wrenne?"

23 Aug 2014
"Why do thtarth twinkle?" Asked Widget, smiling curiously up at him.

Wilson jumped upon seeing the chimera.

The gentleman gripped the spear he was holding tighter.


23 Aug 2014

I think after going down memory lane with some tears I’m going to for sure come on this blog more…))

14 Aug 2014
"How do you /accidentally/ buy sixty birthday cakes?”




"I.. umm.." She pokes her head out from inside the birthday cake fort she built. She’d soon be dispatching these to the other survivors but for now, they were a fort. "Have you ever been drunk, Wilson? Don’t get drunk. I don’t even know where these came from or what I did to obtain them in the first place."

"Oh…But they’re not that bad. I don’t think it’s-…"

His eye twitched and the scientist clutched his stomach.

"……….I-I made a mistake..”

"Oh jeez." She crawls out of the cake fort to tend to Wilson. "You gonna be alright buddy? I knew there had to be something wrong with this stuff."

T-There was something..in that c-cake…thinking a-about it i-it smells l-like lye…M..M-My insides are p-probably going t-to melt s-slower since i-it was c-cooked into a cake..”

The scientist spat blood.

"U-Ugh..W-Well I-I’ll always c-come back…"